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"Knowing that, that magic has consequences, whether it is the magic of wonder, the magic of language, or the magic of challenging a waiting mind, then it is up to the artist, the writer, the storyteller to reach out and touch that awesome magic. Touch magic-and pass it on." Jane Yolen

Add Depth to Your Novel with Mythic Elements: Eight Sessions

Because they encompass timeless motifs, mythic elements can add an extra layer of depth to a novel, whether contemporary, historical, or fantasy. During this course we’ll examine some metaphoric functions that help build emotional resonance and memory.

World-Build a Novel With Mythic Impact: One Year

This writing-intensive course looks through the lens of Folklore, Religion, and Myth to incorporate the timeless motifs, emotional resonance, and powerful impact that myth creates. We discover the echoes in our personal history, literature, scripture, folk-tales, songs and culture.

Words That Sing: Eight Sessions

Words that sing are the words that stand out to the reader. We choose these words like a painter chooses a particular color from his palette or a poet her sound. In this workshop, we’ll sharpen our senses to hear language, images and metaphors that give voice to our writing.

Why Aren’t We Tired of Cinderella Stories: Eight Sessions

Cinderella is the most familiar folktale worldwide with over five hundred variations listed in Europe alone. Picture books, poems, novels, operas and films explore this age-old blueprint, originally told in the traditional form of an anonymous storyteller. And we still keep adding to the collection. In this four-week class we’ll examine the multiple styles and lure of this story and brainstorm a new example.

Ground Breaking: Eight Sessions

The reality of our world, its emotional resonance and unique atmosphere, will be found in the details. Just as we can walk around our homes in the dark, so must our characters. What is real to them needs to be real to us. This provides authentic atmosphere, tone and mood. But it doesn’t mean we need to invent everything. In this four-week workshop we’ll break ground to create our unique setting.

World Building: Eight Weeks                                                                     

Whether setting is used as an almost invisible backdrop or is an integral character, it influences and permeates the entire story. Its reality is established through place, character and voice. When the reader is able to not only visualize it, but also experience it, then it becomes authentic. In this eight-week workshop we will grow our world organically from the inside out as we explore: landscape and language, culture and coinage, history and heresy.


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