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"But be ye satisfied that you have light. Enough to take your steps and find your foothold." T.S. Eliot

  • Ten-Page Introduction

    An overview content critique and evaluation of writing strengths and weaknesses. Does a reader want to read on? Why or why not? (Also indicates what over-all kind of edit assistance your project might require.)

    Cost: $50.00

  • Act One (up to 30 pages)

    A thorough content edit and evaluation of story set-up, characters, setting, and genre expectations, if applicable. Will need a working synopsis as well to know your end plan.

    Cost: $125.00  

  • Full Manuscript Critique

    An in-depth content edit that tracks plot threads, character development, pacing, atmosphere, structure and quality. Will fix surface sentence and grammar errors but is not a copy edit critique.

    (If either of the previous two services are used, the amount will be applied to the full manuscript critique.)

Rates available by using the Contact form.

  • Picture Book Evaluation

    First Evaluation, up to 2, 000 words.

    Cost: $75.00

  • Non-Fiction/Ghostwriting/Collaboration

    An in-depth developmental edit to focus your concept, organize material and complete your manuscript. Specialties include memoir, articles, curriculum, devotions, and Bible Study.

Rates available by using the Contact form.

* All services are  done through Track and Change on Word.

Interested? Please contact me for service agreement, deadline date, and rates.


Marcy’s work is professional and her advice always spot on. When I submit a WIP to her I am confident that she'll review it thoroughly and her feedback will help me straighten out kinks and polish the product.

~Janice Cantore, author with Tyndale Publishing

Marcy's great gift lies in perspective. She shows me when I focus too much on the research, when I’ve pulled back emotionally, and when my characters don’t ring true. More importantly, she encourages me and helps me take my stories to a deeper and richer level.

~Sarah Sundin, author of Anchor in the Storm


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